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Diane J BriseboisPresident & CEO, Retail Council of Canada

Experience & Security: The Challenge of Frictionless Retail

Consumer forces have driven retailers to unprecedented innovation throughout the entire retail experience. The entire path to purchase has been re-imagined, and all points of friction are being removed to further enhance the customer experience. However, understanding how and what role Retail Security plays in the new retail world can mean the difference between profit and loss.

In this session, retail leaders will debate the delicate balance between a consumer focused frictionless retail experience, and a secure retail environment for both products and customers. Find out how they evaluate this balance organizationally, and what they expect from their suppliers and partners to win in today’s rapidly changing retail environment.

The Untamed Cyber World : Threats, Security, and Privacy

Ben Makuch is an award winning national security reporter with VICE News in Toronto. From sitting down with ISIS members to being on the ground during political assassinations in Russia, Ben brings unprecedented access to many of the world’s most dangerous regions. Makuch is currently the correspondent for Cyberwar on the VICELAND network, an investigative documentary series examining the covert world of signals intelligence and hackers. Ben has been exposed to the untamed world of the internet, the “dark web” and what threats they pose. To uncover some of these threats, police and government agencies are sometimes forced into a position where personal data is compromised. Where does the balance lie? In this session, Ben will explore the threats most relevant to businesses in Canada, and offer perspective on the privacy issues that investigating those threats could potentially pose.


Ben MakuchReporter, Vice News

RCC's "Fast Five" Thought Leadership Series

General Session #3 - Details Coming Soon!

RCC's "Fast Five" Thought Leadership Series

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AM Concurrent Session - Part One

The Fraud Shift: Why eCommerce has Become a Fraudster Playground

AM Concurrent Session - Part One

From GDPR to PIPEDA, Data Privacy Compliance and Associated Risk

In March 2018, eMarketer reported that only 6% of organizations are “completely prepared” for GDPR compliance. Many retailers in Canada assume, incorrectly, that new regulations in Europe will have minimal or no impact on their business. However, with very high profile cases like Facebook exposing the true nature of personal data and an increasing consumer awareness of how personal data is exposed, the risk to retailers is not only data breach, but consumers losing trust in their brand. In this session, data and retail experts gather to discuss the new world of data privacy, and the real risks associated with being unprepared.


Carl BoutetRetail Strategist, RxStudio

AM Concurrent Session - Part One

Navigating Harassment in the Workplace

What is workplace harassment? What are your duties as an employer? The reality is it’s tough to navigate what is considered harassment in the workplace. With more employers being required to undertake investigations in the event of a workplace complaint, employers need to arm themselves with the information they need to properly conduct an investigation, such as When to conduct, and how to carry out an effective investigation, and what are the financial implications of failing to carry out investigations properly.

In this session, seasoned employment lawyer Stuart Ducoffe will explore the topic of workplace harassment, particularly workplace investigations, by discussing some recent cases surrounding an employer’s obligation to investigate as well as the liability that may result if an employer gets it wrong. He will also provide you with a framework on how to get it right and avoid the additional liability that can accompany a failed or improper investigation.


Stuart DucaffeFounder, e2r®

AM Concurrent Session - Part Two

Tap and Steal: Ensuring Frictionless Commerce Doesn't Become Frictionless Fraud

Savvy retailers understand that a wonderful in-store/omni-channel shopping experience can come to a crushing halt at that all important moment of truth - payment. Trouble at the cash register, in whatever form that takes, means out-sized trouble with the customer experience. Speed is key, so retailers have led in the adoption of tap & go style payment experience that is both fast and engaging, with customers tapping their credit cards, paying with their phone or watch, or even just walking out the door and having their account charged in the background.

This idea of frictionless payment goes back decades, but the reality is here, now. The reality is also that payment fraud and organized crime tends to seek out and find opportunities to exploit weakness on the retail floor. With no identification, pins or signatures required, what are retailers giving up to ensure a smooth and engaging transaction, and what can be done from all parties involved to minimize the risk and not let Tap & Go become Tap & Steal?


Michael LeblancFounder and Principal, M.E. LeBlanc & Company

AM Concurrent Session - Part Two

Bring Your Own Device: Security Risks from Employee Phones
Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is a complex development for businesses as it introduces huge risks to data loss and data protection. BYOD has caused a shift where personal devices are interfacing with corporate data. In this session, Kevin Krinke will demonstrate how mobile devices can be used as an entry point into corporate networks and tools you can use to help protect your data.

AM Concurrent Session - Part Two

Workplace Violence and Harassment: De-Escalating a Critical Situation

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PM Concurrent Session - Part One

Gift Card Theft, Frauds and Related Scams

PM Concurrent Session - Part One

Understanding Risk, and Its Impact on Data Security

It’s no secret, the world of data security and loss prevention have been on a collision course for years. I.T. professionals understand data, LP professionals understand risk, but understanding risk when making data security decisions is an art that has yet to be mastered. In this session, Marty Musters will explain traditional IT and LP roles, review recent data breaches, and discuss how these breaches can be avoid with a proper understanding of risk within the IT and Data mindset.


Marty MustersPrincipal, Computer Forensics Inc.

PM Concurrent Session - Part One

The Porch Pirates: "Addressing" the Issue of Porch Theft for Retailers
The increase in eCommerce, improvements in fulfillment technology, and the demands of the convenience driven consumer have combined to create a new battle ground for retailers: The Front Porch. In this session, retailers and eCommerce executives gather to discuss the issue, and how technology might provide new solutions to help catch the porch pirate.


Rita EstwickDirector, Enterprise Security Development, Canada Post

PM Concurrent Session - Part Two

Payment Card Industry Compliance - The Next Steps

PM Concurrent Session - Part Two

Understanding Blockchain as a Theft Prevention Tool

PM Concurrent Session - Part Two

Cannabis in the Workplace: Assessing the New Rules of Workplace Safety

The topic of cannabis access and its use is sensitive, complex, and highly polarized, with issues and implications for both security, and health and safety. Employers and employees have questions about how to respond to this new landscape. Retail Loss Prevention professionals have many unanswered questions. What do you do if the rules are broke? What do you need to do now after an incident? What are the “bright-spots” What are the visible signs and symptoms? This session focuses on helping LP professionals understand the changes, the challenges and the implications for security, health, and safety. Attendees will receive information to answer the tough questions, and the frontline action necessary to ensure everyone gets home safely.


Dan DemersSenior Manager, CannAmm

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RCC's "Fast Five" Thought Leadership Series

Make Things Happen or Wonder What Happened

In the ‘Age of Noise’, too much and too many are chasing a finite amount of time and money. This hyper competitive environment is being cherry picked by consumers, armed with mobile wands, who are empowered, enlightened, confident and demanding ‘more for less’. More of what matters to their and their families’ life and livelihood, and with less friction and effort.

These market forces are creating a growing divide between disruptive Retailers and Brands who are re-imagining and re-inventing their businesses to meet these demands and those who are losing market share by maintaining status quo and wondering what happened.

In this closing keynote, learn the secrets of those who Make Things Happen.


Tony ChapmanKeynote Speaker - Moderator - Host - Media Personality, Tony Chapman Reactions

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