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Diane J BriseboisPresident & CEO, Retail Council of Canada

A Message From the Chief

There is no doubt that the world is becoming a smaller and much more complicated space. Policing in the third millennium is equally complex. Toronto has recently moved past Chicago as the 4th largest city in North America, behind Mexico City, New York City and L.A. and with that comes a need to further relationship with the communities, communities such as the Retail Loss Prevention one. While Retail may rely on Police to help keep their businesses safe, Police equally relay on the Loss Prevention professionals to fight crime. In this Keynote Session Chief Mark Saunders will share a Chief’s perspective on Policing now, and Policing tomorrow.


Chief SaundersChief of Police, Toronto Police Service

Why Seemingly Honest People do Dishonest Things

According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, the annual global cost of occupational fraud is $3.7 trillion. The level of fraud activity increases proportionately to the level of the offender, ultimately requiring additional due diligence at the senior level. Cynthia Mathieu, Professor at Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières is an expert in corporate psychopathy, and how even top executives are not immune to poor decision making. Cynthia consults with many types of organizations on leadership, employee and management selection and executive criminal activity. She will discuss how LP professionals can navigate delicate investigations into their own executives who may also be committing crimes.


Cynthia MathieuProfessor, Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières

Organized Retail Crime Networks and the Impact on Modern Retail

Organized retail crime in Canada is big. And it is getting bigger by the day.
Because of our laws, Canada is especially vulnerable to these kinds of criminal activities. Regional, national and international groups have developed multi-tiered operations that end up selling billions in stolen product back into the retail supply chain and profits fund drugs, weapons and other corrupt international schemes.
In this session, retail loss prevention professionals expose various plots and strategies and identify the most successful methods to undermine these criminal networks.

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Nedep Retail


Andy BuchananDirector of Profit Protection, Rexall


Ron KornblumDirector of Corporate Security, Loblaw Companies Ltd.


Rui RodriguezNational Director, Asset Protection, Holt Renfrew

The Fraud Shift: Why eCommerce has Become a Fraudster Playground

Card present fraud continues to dwindle at retail locations in Canada but online payment security remains a constant struggle. Despite best efforts to offer tools, resources and improved security methods, retailers continue to be victimized. Whether it’s traditional methods or more sophisticated ones, fraudsters are succeeding at defrauding Canadian businesses. Processors are on the front lines of this battle – educating businesses on how they can protect themselves with the right tools and methods to prevent the dreaded chargeback. In this session, Patrick Brophy, Product Manager, ecommerce at Moneris talks about the most common types of fraud today, those that are emerging and the best practices to reduce the risk to Canadian businesses.


Patrick BrophyeCommerce Product Manager, Moneris

RCC Fast Five: Thinking Outside the Box to Stop Organized Crime Rings – What technology and other options are available to confuse and disrupt the theft pattern in the retail environment.


James TurnerNational Strategic Manager, The New ADT Canada

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A.M. Concurrent Sessions

The Drive to Mine Data

The reaction to High Shrink or a Known Loss is always the same, whether it be through administrative error, spoilage, breakage or outright fraud and theft. First, find the root cause, and secondly, take corrective action. Fortunately, as any investigator knows, with any action or incident there is a tremendous amount of data left behind; call it a paper trail, footprints, or an electronic transaction log. But with the recent proliferation of data, investigating that loss is getting more complex and time consuming, creating headaches, overhead and complexity as you sift through “what happened?”.

Over the years, mining that data has been a challenge but analytic tools have increasingly helped retailers make informed decisions by calling out the exceptions that are going to affect the bottom line. In this session, learn and see first-hand how advanced analytics and data visualization is being used to identify networks and patterns, and to predict or to react to loss in the best way possible.


Augustin NguyenNational Retail Lead - Analytics Solutions Specialists, SAS Canada

A.M. Concurrent Sessions

Legal Access to Marijuana : Why it Matters and How to Manage it

While legal access to marijuana is simple to understand in terms of the rights of individuals, it gets a lot more complicated when it comes to managing marijuana in the workplace.

This session will present compelling facts, resources, and action steps to implement a system of policies and procedures between now and 2018 when the new legislation comes into force.


Dan DemersSenior Manager of Strategic Business Development, CannAmm

A.M. Concurrent Sessions

What’s My True Loss? Is “Shrinkage” Really the Right Means of Measurement for the Future?

In this session retail loss prevention experts will explore the broader aspect of retail loss and the economic impact it has on the bottom line. As the customer and retail landscape change, business strategies must align to mitigate any risk retail loss has on profit. Shrinkage is only one of many variables a business should use for a good health check, but there are many other lines on the P&L to take into consideration which have traditionally been ignored by some organizations until it is too late.


Stephen O’KeefeLoss Prevention Expert & Special Advisor, Retail Council of Canada


Colin PeacockGroup Strategic Coordinator, ECR Community and OSA Group

Lunch & Networking

12:20 - 12:40 PM Lunch & Learn: The Real Risk of Connectivity

The connected world has changed retailer forever. IoT devices and other levels of enhanced connectivity have improved every facet of the customer experience. However, the enhanced experience for customers has created new access points for criminals & new risks for retailers as they continue to plug in. In 2013, cyber criminals were able to gain access to Target’s customer data by gaining access through it’s connected HVAC system. Retailers must acknowledge that all systems contain vulnerabilities, and that there are external as well as internal attackers looking for ways to exploit them. In this session, Patrick Menke, Director of Integrated Resources from Tyco Retail Solutions will explain the risks, and talk about some of the new solutions that are available to fortify your connected systems and devices.

Patrick Menke, Director of Integrated Resources, Tyco Retail Solutions

12:20 - 12:40 PM Lunch & Learn: Comprehensive Security for Retail

Join us to learn how the network can help your organization reduce the loss of high-value assets. This presentation will include an overview of Cisco Meraki’s suite of products with a focus on physical and logical security. Backed by a live demonstration of Meraki’s innovative motion based video search capabilities, this session is a must for professionals looking for new ways to address loss prevention.

Jay Bradford, Systems Engineer, Cisco Cloud Networking

P.M. Concurrent Sessions

The Trojan Horse: Phishing & Ransomware Attacks

If you are a popular retailer, then, unfortunately, you will undoubtedly be the subject matter of a phishing or ransomware attack. Phishing is today’s example of social engineering techniques used to deceive people. What starts as a harmless e-mail or instant message can exploit weaknesses in current web security by enabling access to data, or by forging a pathway for ransomware or other malicious software. Learn how these attacks affect your business, why the problem is getting worse, practical tips to avoid these types of attacks and what to do after the attack happens.


David S. LipkusPartner, Kestenberg Siegal Lipkus LLP

P.M. Concurrent Sessions

Defending the Last Mile

The rapid growth of eCommerce in Canada has exposed new risks to both retailers and consumers. The Last Mile, or the last step of the supply chain between the retailer & the consumer is no longer just within the safe confines of the bricks and mortar store. eCommerce transactions can have products shipped to the doorstep, post offices, click and collect locations, courier depots, concierge desks and more. This wide array of options has exposed new risks, and new weaknesses in the chain that criminals can take advantage of. In this session, retailers and supply chain experts come together to discuss strategies to secure and defend this new frontier.


Rita EstwickDirector, Enterprise Security Development, Canada Post


Maria KourylevaEcommerce Transportation Manager, Walmart Canada


James McKayPresident, The AVLECA Group Inc.


Gary NewburyLast Mile Logistics Expert, Supply Chain Logistics

P.M. Concurrent Sessions

The Great Debate: Privacy and Security

Security cameras are ubiquitous these days. They're in airports, bars, stores, and on the streets. Are there too many or too few? The great debate about privacy and security is ongoing, as the pendulum changes with the daily news.

In this session, Gordon Smith from Hikvision, the world’s largest provider of video surveillance equipment, and Dean Dolan, Canada's leading privacy lawyer, will explore the debate from both perspectives. How do you "balance" privacy and security? Are the two mutually exclusive? Learn how some video surveillance technology features and protocol are specifically designed to protect privacy. And, learn what a retailer’s role is in ensuring that privacy, property and people are protected.


Gordon SmithNational Accounts Manager (Canada), Hikvision


Dean DolanCounsel to the Toronto Office, Baker & McKenzie

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Lifetime Achievement Award Presentation

New Technologies, New Risks, New Opportunities

As retailers invest in innovative technologies to help them better understand their customers and develop faster, more convenient and personalized experiences, these same technologies are also increasingly exposing new vulnerabilities. In this session, Michael Castro, with more than 20 years of IT and Information Security experience will discuss how retailers need to be aware of new risks that come with new technology. Robotics, IoT devices, AI, VR & AR platforms, any device that is “connected” is ultimately also exposed. Security & LP professionals must work together to strategically protect their companies and prepare for potentially devastating cyber threats and risk management implications.


Michael CastroSenior Director, Information Security and Risk Management, Loblaws Companies Ltd

ACTION PLAN : Rallies, Riots, and Other Crowd Threats To Retail Locations

Large rallies, protests, riots and other group disturbances are a reality. Retail businesses can be a target or are often caught in the cross-fire in the gathering places of these events, where looting, vandalism and even violence can break out. In response to the increase in these threats, Retail Council of Canada will sit down with retailers and security experts to discuss how to plan for & respond to groups and mobs. The group will review the full impact is on staff, products, property and more.


Sonny BrarVice President, Member Programs & Services , Retail Council of Canada


Michael ColadipietroCPP, Director, Risk Management, Longo Bros. Fruit Markets Inc.


Tony Hunt General Manager of Loss Prevention, London Drugs Limited


Kevin GordonAssistant Vice President, Strategic Risk Practice, Marsh Risk Consulting

Closing Remarks


Stephen O’KeefeLoss Prevention Expert & Special Advisor, Retail Council of Canada

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